JANUARY                9                    Club Meeting (Cancelled Due to COVID-19)

FEBRUARY             13                   Club Meeting (Social Distancing Rules in Effect)

MARCH                   13                   Club Meeting (Social Distancing Rules in Effect)

APRIL                      10                    Club Meeting

MAY                          8                     Club Meeting

JUNE                         5                     Club Meeting

JULY                         10                    Club Meeting

AUGUST                   7                     Club Meeting

SEPTEMBER          11                    Club Meeting

OCTOBER                2                    Club Meeting

NOVEMBER            6                    Club Meeting
DECEMBER             4                    Club Meeting / Christmas Party
2021 Events

Ultralight Squadron of America
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Ultralight and Sport Pilots of America

U.S. Ultralight Association Club #005
Perris, California
One of the Oldest Active Ultralight/Light Sport Aviation Clubs in America